Our Story

The Aspen Center has its roots as a small speech therapy business founded by Lisa Wagner.  One day she decided to put a group of speech therapy children together for some activities and games instead of the typical 1:1 sessions.  The result of that decision was no less than impressive.  In fact, a whole new avenue for treatment was born.  Along with individual pediatric therapy, families also had the option for a pre-school age language enrichment program. As the practice grew, other disciplines were brought into the team including occupational, physical and developmental therapists.  A whole child multidisciplinary approach was formed and children were now able to be treated by a variety of experts all working together to better serve the whole child and families. Our parents are our best referral source as they have experienced first hand the positive changes The Aspen Center can make!

Our Mission

To plant the seeds, roots and support for each individual child's unique development by providing a multi-disciplinary approach in all services and programs allowing the whole child to grow into his or her maximum potential.  

Our Expertise

Our pediatric therapists are dedicated to providing top quality services to the children and families we serve.  Our certified and licensed staff members each bring their unique experiences to our team.  Our staff is dedicated to a team approach to all individuals and families we serve.  We look at each individual child we serve as a unique "tree" that we assist in growing with our knowledge, compassion and support.  All therapists are cross trained by team members assisting in providing a more developmental approach to a child's individual therapy/success.

Specializing in:

·  Apraxia/Dyspraxia

·  Autism Spectrum Disorder

·  Sensory Processing Disorder

·  Downs Syndrome

·  Motor Planning Disorders

·  Speech-Language Disorders

·  Fine and Gross Motor Delays

·  Feeding Difficulty

·  Social Skills/Pragmatics