The Aspen Center 

Clinic and Teletherapy Pediatric Services

The Aspen Center has been providing pediatric services and programs for over 15 years to the triangle area.  We currently offer clinic based speech, occupational, feeding therapy.

Teletherapy services for speech, occupational, feeding and developmental therapy are a wonderful alternative to face to face sessions. Call us to set up an appointment for a teletherapy session today.

Group Programs - Currently Enrolling

The Aspen Center is enrolling in our small group programs. Programs offered include: ROOTS; The Orchard Program, Social Skills groups, POWER Class, Fine Motor Challenge Class and Cooking Classes. Click the tabs above to see our variety of programs.

Parent Support Programs

Aspen's Parent Support Programs include hands on 1:1 training/coaching as well as a variety of educational online classes for parents to better understand and support their child's development.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Many think feeding comes easily to infants & children, when in fact, sometimes it is difficult. These difficulties can occur for many different reasons and it can be very stressful for families. Feeding therapy can begin as early as birth (especially babies born prematurely) and can go into adolescence. Feeding therapy can assist with an infant’s poor latch or difficulty breastfeeding, feeding aversions, failure to thrive (weight loss or lack of gain), choking or gagging, tongue tie repairs, picky eaters, trouble transitioning to textures, NICU/SICCU feeding difficulties and feeding tube dependence. We collaborate with your team of professionals in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for your child’s feeding and nutritional needs. More Info on Pediatric Feeding Therapy ...

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Parents are so excited to hear their child’s first words. That doesn’t happen easily for all children. Pediatric speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat communication challenges, both expressive and receptive, that affect a child's ability to communicate with his/her world. Speech therapy is an effective and proven service that can assist in the development of a child’s ability to communicate. Areas of focus can include speech sound production, developmental of language, development of oral motor skills or developing a non-verbal way for a child to communicate if necessary. More info on Pediatric Speech Therapy ...

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

For a child, it is his or her “JOB” to grow, develop and learn how to function in the world. A pediatric occupational therapist (OT) helps children gain that independence in their daily life while also strengthening the development of fine motor, sensory motor and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize. Occupational therapy also addresses psychological, social and environmental factors that can affect daily functioning in different ways. Areas of focus may include sensory integration/processing, fine motor development (hand strength, cutting, griping, gluing), prewriting and writing skills, activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, toileting), core strength, body awareness, coordination and strengthening and executive functioning skills. More info on Pediatric Occupation Therapy ...

Pediatric Social Skills Therapy

Social skills begin developing from birth and are in a constant state of change as children grow into adulthood. There are many factors and even rules involved with social skills that many people learn without even knowing it. But the hidden social rules, body awareness, back and forth conversation, memory and attention skills are not always easily acquired by children. Social skills along with executive functioning skills are the “how we use our communication and body to interact and function in our world. What also makes it even MORE tricky is there are different rules and ways to function in different settings!! Speech and occupational therapy can assist in the development of these social skills during small group instruction in a concrete and practical way. More info on Pediatric Social Skills Therapy ...