Aspen offers a variety of preschool aged programs including kindergarten readiness, social skills, fine motor and exercise programs. All programs at Aspen focus on key areas of development which assist each child in his/her overall development.  Programs are taught by licensed and certified professionals with expertise in a the various areas of child development.

Speech-Language Pathology

  • Verbal and/or non-verbal communication systems
  • Oral motor development
  • Language development (expressing and understanding)
  • Socialization
  • Speech sound production
  • Feeding development

Occupational Therapy

  • Sensory integration/processing
  • Fine motor development (hand strength, cutting, griping, gluing)
  • Prewriting and writing skills
  • Activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, toileting)

Gross Motor Development

  • Core strength
  • Sensory processing
  • Body awareness
  • Coordination and strengthening
  • Music and movement

Developmental Therapy/CBRS

  • Overall general development for ages birth to 3, ranging from gross motor skills to cognitive development.

Education/Kindergarten Readiness

  • General academic skills for ages 3-6
  • Social competency skills
  • Classroom management skills


What makes us a unique program?

The speech & developmental therapists are the instructors in the classroom.

The child is looked at as a whole by a team not just one teacher.

Our programs are not locked in by age making it easier for a child to operate at his/her developmental level not chronological age.

Our programs provide extra attention to assist a child in developing the skills needed to manage themselves in a class room setting.

Being potty trained is not a requirement at any age.

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