Aspen Weekday Programs

The Grove

The Grove program is for children ages 4-6 and is taught by one of our Speech-Language Pathologist.  In this class, we strive to develop the whole child and prepare them for his/her upcoming years in school.  We have a heavy focus on social, executive functioning and sensory regulation skills that every child needs to thrive in a school setting.  Children will engage in sensory, fine motor, academics, structured and child directed playtime. We develop strategies to improve a child's inhibition, emotional control, working memory, planning/prioritizing, flexibility, organization, self-monitoring and understanding different points of view. This group is perfect for a child that needs some extra assistance learning skills that make a classroom dynamic more manageable and enjoyable.

The GROVE is currently being offered on Tuesday/Thursday mornings from 9-12. Enrollment limited to 4 students. Please contact us for availability.

Social ROOTS Program

Play-based group for children (developmental age of 2-3) with needs in the area of play socialization.

The ROOTS program will be guided by one of our Speech and Occupational therapists. It's size will be limited to 2 children per group at this time and will meet for 1.5 hours to focus on the following.

  • Turn taking
  • Eye contact
  • Using words and phrases to comment or request
  • Imitation
  • Functional and pretend toy play
  • Identifying basic feelings and emotions
  • Sharing and playing alongside others

Social SPROUTS program

Curriculum-based group for children (developmental ages 3-4) with needs in the area of interactive play socialization.

  • Initiating conversation
  • Initiating and responding to joint attention
  • Taking turns when speaking
  • Engage in appropriate topics
  • Sharing
  • Identifying feelings and emotions in others
  • Developing appropriate social language to use with peers

This group is taught by a Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist and uses the Social Thinking, Zones and Alert Programs for intervention.

Class offered on Mondays 4:00-5:00, Wednesday 4-5:00 and Fridays 10-12:00. Class size limited to 4 children. Contact us for availability.


This program is taught by one of our Occupational Therapists and is for children ages 4-6 years old.  This hour long class focuses on:

  • Posture and Flexibility
  • Motor Coordination
  • Body Awareness
  • Endurance
  • Core Strength

Class Meets:

Monday 2-3:00

Wednesday 2-3:00

Friday 12-1:00

Class Size limited to 4 children.

Child must be able to follow group instruction.

Cost: $100/month per class

Fine Motor Challenge Class

This class is ideal for a child that needs a little bit more practice and carryover with his or her Fine Motor skills.

Class Focuses on:

Early Handwriting Skills

Hand Strengthening

Functional Hand Use

Hand-Eye Coordination

Class Meets:

Monday 3-4:00

Wednesday 3-4:00

Friday 1-2:00

Class Size limited to 4 children.

Child must be able to follow group instruction.

Cost: $100/month per class