The Aspen Center has been providing pediatric services and programs for over 18 years to the triangle area. We serve children birth to 16 years of age providing speech, occupational and feeding therapy in our two clinic locations as well as a variety of social skills and feeding groups.

Speech therapy

Pediatric speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat communication challenges, both expressive and receptive , that affect a child’s ability to communicate with his/her world.

Feeding Therapy

Aspen’s Feeding Clinic offers individualized therapy for infant feeding problems, picky eating and a variety of other feeding concerns.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy (OT) helps children gain independence in their daily life while also strengthening the development of fine motor, sensory motor and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize.

Aspen offers a variety of preschool aged programs including kindergarten readiness, social skills, fine motor and exercise programs. All programs at Aspen focus on key areas of development which assist each child in his/her overall development.  Programs are taught by licensed and certified professionals with expertise in a the various areas of child development.

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Aspen Weekday Programs

We have a variety of quality programs including: The Thicket, The Apple Orchard Program, The Orchard Program, The ROOTS Program, Aspen POWER CLASS and more...

Social Skills Programs

Our 2022-2023 Social Skills Programs are up and running with group sizes limited to 2-4 students depending on the specific social skills group. Contact our office for current openings or to discuss your child’s needs with one of our Speech or Occupational therapists.

Food Explorers

Food Explorers is our newest program designed to assist those “picky eaters” with learning to love food!