At the Aspen Center, we’ve dedicated the past 18 years to providing exceptional pediatric services, including autism occupational therapy, to families in the greater Research Triangle Park area, as well as those in Apex, Morrisville, Cary, and New Hill. Our commitment to enhancing the lives of children with autism through occupational therapy is unwavering, as we strive to unlock each child’s potential for independence and growth.

Autism presents unique challenges and strengths for each child. Our team of skilled occupational therapists specializes in understanding these individual needs, crafting personalized therapy plans that foster development, confidence, and skill-building. Our approach is rooted in compassion and expertise, aiming to support children in engaging fully with their world.


Our autism occupational therapy program focuses on several key areas. We work on developing fine and gross motor skills, which are crucial for daily activities such as dressing, writing, and playing. These skills not only promote independence but also enhance a child’s ability to participate in school and social activities.

Sensory processing is another critical focus of our therapy. Many children with autism experience the world differently, finding some sensory inputs overwhelming or seeking others out. Our therapists employ strategies to help children regulate their sensory experiences, making their environments more navigable and comfortable.

Social skills and executive functioning are integral to our occupational therapy. We understand the importance of social interaction and self-management skills in a child’s life. Through targeted activities, we help children develop the ability to form relationships, understand social cues, and manage daily tasks with greater ease.

At the Aspen Center, we believe in the incredible potential of every child with autism. Our specialized occupational therapy services are designed to meet the diverse needs of these children, helping them to navigate their world with confidence. Serving the Research Triangle Park area and beyond, we are committed to supporting families on their journey, offering guidance, care, and expertise every step of the way. Learn more today at: