For the past 18 years, the Aspen Center has been a beacon of hope and support for families in the greater Cary, NC area, including Apex, Morrisville, RTP, and New Hill. A significant part of our mission is providing specialized autism occupational therapy, a service designed to empower children on the autism spectrum to navigate their world with greater ease and independence.


Autism occupational therapy at the Aspen Center is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. Our experienced therapists understand that autism affects every child differently, influencing how they interact with their environment, communicate with others, and manage daily tasks. Our goal is to support each child in developing the skills necessary for meaningful and independent living.

Our therapy sessions are structured around building essential life skills. This includes everything from fine and gross motor skills, which are crucial for daily activities like dressing and eating, to sensory processing skills, helping children manage how they experience and react to different sensory stimuli. We recognize the importance of these foundational skills in enhancing a child’s ability to participate fully in home, school, and social environments.

In addition to motor and sensory skills, our autism occupational therapy program focuses on socialization and executive functioning. We work with children to develop strategies for interacting with others, understanding social cues, and building relationships. Executive functioning skills, such as organizing tasks and managing time, are also key areas we address, assisting children in becoming more independent in their daily routines.

Collaboration with our speech therapy services ensures a comprehensive approach to care. Our pediatric speech-language pathologists work alongside occupational therapists to support communication development, addressing both verbal and non-verbal communication challenges. This integrated approach allows us to provide holistic support to children with autism, fostering their growth in all areas of development.

At the Aspen Center in Cary, NC, we are committed to providing exceptional autism occupational therapy. Our dedicated team is here to support families and children, helping each child reach their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their life. Contact us today for a consultation at: