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Food Explorers

Food Explorers Is Our Newest Program Designed To Assist Those “Picky Eaters” With Learning To Love Food!

Food Explorers

Our Food Explorers group is designed for children with severe food aversions and limited diets. This group is taught by a licensed speech and occupational therapist addressing both sensory and oral motor concerns related to feeding. In this group we target food exploration by looking at foolds with all of our senses. Our groups focus on one big food a month, cooking it in many different ways.

The key benefits of this group include:

  • Food Exploration in a low stress environment
  • Learning to interact with foods in a positive way outside of eating/intake demands.
  • Expansion of a child’s diet
  • Targeting oral motor skills


This class is offered on Tuesday mornings from 7:45-8:45  and Tuesday afternoons from 4-5:00