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Children accomplish a great deal during the early years. They go from crawling to walking and talking to social interaction in a short span of time. They typically say their first word by age 1; by 18 months, they should know roughly 20 words. If a child reaches these milestones late, there is no need to worry. However, if your youngster is lagging in evolving their language proficiency, they may profit from pediatric speech therapy in Apex.

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If you notice your little one exhibiting problems forging speech and language skills, visit us at The Aspen Center. We offer a friendly and comfortable environment for kids, enabling them to evolve the abilities required to thrive and enjoy each phase of life. Furthermore, our pediatric speech therapy in Apex will support them in developing the skills they need to meet the challenges ahead of them.

Are you concerned about your youngster’s communication ability? Then, you can turn to pediatric speech therapy in Apex for assistance at the Aspen Center. To learn more about our professional treatment and how we can benefit your child, we urge you to visit our Aspen Center website at If you have any inquiries or worries or want to schedule an evaluation appointment, please call us as soon as possible or use our convenient online contact form. Children develop at different paces, and sometimes, they need a little help.

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