At the Aspen Center, we have dedicated ourselves for over 18 years to providing top-tier pediatric services, including specialized occupational therapy for children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in the greater Research Triangle Park area, encompassing Cary, NC, Apex, Morrisville, RTP, and New Hill. Our mission is to offer support and therapeutic intervention that significantly enhances the lives of children and their families dealing with SPD.

Sensory Processing Disorder presents unique challenges for children, affecting how they experience, interpret, and react to different sensory stimuli in their environment. It can impact a child’s daily activities, social interactions, and overall development. Our occupational therapy program is specifically designed to address these challenges, helping children better process sensory information and navigate their world more comfortably.

Our team of skilled occupational therapists uses a variety of strategies and interventions tailored to each child’s specific needs. We focus on activities that enhance sensory integration, improve motor skills, and strengthen the child’s ability to participate in everyday tasks. Through personalized therapy plans, we aim to empower children with SPD to achieve greater independence and confidence in their abilities.

In addition to occupational therapy, our pediatric speech-language pathologists provide comprehensive support for communication challenges associated with SPD. We work on verbal and non-verbal communication systems, language development, speech sound production, oral motor development, socialization, and executive functioning skills. This collaborative approach ensures that we address all facets of a child’s development.

Our specialization in apraxia, motor planning issues, autism, social skills groups, articulation, and language disorders allows us to offer a broad spectrum of support to families in the Research Triangle Park area. At the Aspen Center, we are committed to creating a nurturing environment where children with Sensory Processing Disorder can thrive.

Understanding the complexities of SPD and its impact on children and their families drives us to continually seek innovative therapies and approaches. We are dedicated to being a source of support, guidance, and high-quality care for our community, helping every child with SPD to navigate their sensory world with ease and confidence. Learn more by contacting us at: