For over 18 years, the Aspen Center has been a cornerstone in pediatric care in the triangle area, with a special focus on Apex, NC. Our commitment to nurturing young lives extends profoundly into our feeding therapy program, designed to support children from birth to adolescence.

Feeding is a basic yet essential part of a child’s growth and development. However, for many children, it can present a variety of challenges, from difficulties with swallowing to struggles with different textures and tastes. Our specialized feeding and swallowing therapists are dedicated to addressing these issues, offering individualized therapy tailored to each child’s needs.

In Apex, NC, our approach to feeding therapy is comprehensive. We understand that feeding difficulties can often be intertwined with other developmental areas. That’s why our pediatric speech-language pathologists work collaboratively with our feeding therapists. This integrated approach ensures that while we address feeding challenges, we’re also supporting the development of oral motor skills crucial for speech and language.

Our expertise covers a wide range of conditions, including apraxia, motor planning issues, autism, and various speech and language disorders. This specialization allows us to provide targeted and effective therapy, addressing the unique needs of each child.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of socialization and executive functioning skills in the context of feeding. Mealtime is a social experience, and our therapy aims to make it enjoyable and interactive, helping children participate fully in family and social eating situations.

At the Aspen Center in Apex, NC, our feeding therapy program is more than just about nourishing the body; it’s about enriching the child’s overall development. We strive to transform mealtime challenges into positive experiences, fostering a love for food and eating in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our goal is to empower each child, giving them the skills and confidence they need to enjoy a variety of foods and thrive. Browse our website to learn more at: