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For close to two decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting children in the greater Cary, NC area, offering a spectrum of services from birth to adolescence. Today, we’re highlighting our Pediatric Feeding Therapy services.

Feeding is a complex process, and at times, children may face challenges. Our feeding therapy services are tailored to help children overcome these hurdles, fostering a positive relationship with food. Our specialized therapists work with children experiencing a range of feeding issues. From struggling with swallowing to managing texture aversions, our therapists apply evidence-based techniques to address these concerns.

One of the main goals of our feeding therapy is to help children become comfortable with a variety of food textures and tastes. We work patiently and persistently with each child, aiming for gradual, positive changes in their feeding behaviors. We also understand that some children may have difficulties with the physical act of eating due to oral-motor challenges. Our therapists provide targeted strategies to improve these skills, making mealtime a more enjoyable experience.

Another critical aspect of our feeding therapy is the focus on safe swallowing. We guide children in developing the skills necessary to eat and drink safely, reducing the risk of choking or aspiration. Apart from offering these services at our clinic, we provide teletherapy sessions. This means children can receive the support they need, wherever they may be.

At the Aspen Center, we aim to make each mealtime a victory for your child. Our feeding therapy services are a testament to that commitment. If you have any questions or need more information about our Pediatric Feeding Therapy services, we’re always here to help. Learn more at: