Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Aspen’s Feeding Clinic offers individualized therapy with specialized feeding & swallowing therapists for children birth to adolescence.

Our experience includes:

  • Feeding Aversions
  • Oral Motor difficulties
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Oral -Pharyngeal Dysphagia
  • Picky Eaters
  • NICU/SICCU feeding difficulties
  • Feeding tube dependence
  • Trouble transitioning to textures
  • Difficulty breastfeeding or poor latch

~We collaborate with your team of professionals in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan for your child’s feeding and nutritional needs~

Our feeding therapists are: Ashley Gyori, Mary Diehl, Brittney Haas, Kaylee Bryd and Maggie Harrington.

Infant Feeding Therapy

Our feeding clinic services infants with feeding and latching difficulties. If you are concerned about your infant’s overall growth and ability to transfer milk we are able to provide a comprehensive evaluation to assist with increasing breastfeeding, bottle feeding and advancing to table foods.

Not sure if your child needs an evaluation, see if you can answer YES to these questions:

My child is a newborn or older and can…

  • Stick their tongue out of their mouth
  • Remains latched at the bottle or breast for more than 90% of the feed
  • Is able to engage in more than 90% of meals without gagging or coughing 

My child is six months or older and can…

  • Tolerate a variety of foods and textures on their hands
  • Is able to eat smooth purees without their tongue pushing the food out        


My child is nine months or older and can…

  • Use their mouth to remove food from a spoon
  • Actively participates in mealtimes (helps feed themself)
  • Chews while they are eating and moves foods around in their mouth


My child is a year or older and can…

  • Eat a variety of foods that covers the entire food pyramid
  • Can drink from an open cup and straw cup

Some additional Red Flags to look out for…

  • Meal times should always be fun!
  • Your child should not approach meals screaming
  • Your child should maintain their weight on the growth curve
  • Once eating solids, you should not see chunks of food in their poop

**If you can’t answer yes to these questions then contact us today to schedule your comprehensive feeding evaluation.