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The Aspen Center loves The Arc and so should you! Here are some great resources and activities coming up soon! unnamed unnamed (1)


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Who’s Ready for some Hockey!?.

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Pumpkin spice isn’t just a coffee craze…








Oral Motor November is off to a great start! What do you think?


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When we talk about developing the whole child at The Aspen Center, we truly mean THE WHOLE CHILD. Gross motor development is an area that is widely overlooked, but plays an important role in helping your child discover the world around them! Gross and fine motor development connects to language, eating, coordination, muscle development, the manipulation of objects and more. All domains are connected and strengthening each one is our goal.

The videos below show our students participating in a range of skill sets to include:

gross motor-   walking on uneven surfaces, stabilizing/ balancing, coordination, large and fine motor control (reaching, tip toes, crawling)

fine motor- grasping apples, fine motor manipulation

academic- color id, following multistep directions, matching colors, following verbal/gestural directives, sorting, turn taking, helping others, working together

We’re very proud of our little ones!

By 6 months your child should…

  • Hold head steady when sitting with support
  • Reach for and grasp objects with both hands
  • Play with toes
  • Pull to a sitting position on their own if you grasp their hands
  • Sit with very little support

By 12 months your child should…

  • Sit well without support while playing with toys
  • Get to sitting without help
  • Move from sitting to hands and knees for crawling or to their tummy
  • Crawl on hands and knees
  • Pull themselves to a standing position
  • Cruise along furniture
  • Stand alone briefly

By 3 years old your child should…

  • Open doors
  • Throw a ball overhead
  • Attempt to catch a large ball
  • Walk up steps, alternating feet
  • Walk on tip toes
  • Walk in a straight line
  • Kick a ball forward
  • Jump with 2 feet
  • Pedal a tricycle

By 5 years old your child should…

  • Stand on one foot for 10 seconds
  • Swings and climbs on playground equipment efficiently
  • Walks up and down stairs alternating feet without support
  • Beginning to skip
  • Run while changing directions efficiently

Questions or Concerns? Please contact us! We have certified therapists that can help!

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