The Aspen Center is proud to offer pediatric feeding therapy to families in the greater Cary, NC area. Our team of skilled therapists has extensive experience helping children with a range of feeding issues, including oral motor skills, sensory processing, and other difficulties related to eating.

At The Aspen Center, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and meet their nutritional needs. Our therapists work with children and their families to develop a customized plan to improve feeding skills and overall nutrition. We use a variety of techniques and approaches, including play-based therapy, to make the therapy process fun and engaging for children.

In addition to in-clinic therapy, we also offer teletherapy services, which allow children to receive therapy remotely using video conferencing technology. This can be a convenient option for families with busy schedules or for children who may have difficulty traveling to the clinic.

At The Aspen Center, we understand that feeding issues can be stressful for both children and their families. Our therapists take a compassionate and supportive approach, working closely with families to help them understand their child’s needs and how to best support them. We believe in a team-based approach and often work with other professionals, such as doctors and nutritionists, to provide the most comprehensive care possible.  If you have a child in the greater Cary, NC area who could benefit from pediatric feeding therapy, we encourage you to contact us at to learn more about how we can help.

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