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It is an understandably scary situation when you realize that your toddler has developmental or social issues. As parents, our only hope and wish for our children are that they are healthy and happy. So naturally, if we discover otherwise, it is a shock. The good news is that developmental issues are highly treatable with professional help. The Aspen Center offers pediatric occupational therapy in Cary that is reliable, consistent, and has a proven track record for success. Our professionals provide a cozy environment where your child will feel comfortable and flourish. In addition, our therapies will bring your little one to an appropriate age level for communication and interaction with other children.

Once you realize that you are not alone, it is easier to come to terms with a child having problems. At The Aspen Center, we are sympathetic to how you feel. And we strive to make you feel better while your child develops the skills needed to fit in with their social group.

You should contact The Aspen Center and explore our pediatric occupational therapy in Cary at the first sign that your child is having difficulties. We are here to serve you and your child, so call us as soon as possible, and we will schedule an initial appointment. For more information about us and what we do, we encourage you to browse our website at

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