For nearly two decades, we at the Aspen Center have been diligently serving the children of the greater Cary, NC region, addressing their diverse pediatric needs. Ranging from newborns to 16-year-olds, our center’s service offerings encompass occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and a particular emphasis on speech therapy, both in-clinic and through teletherapy.

Our Speech Therapy Service, notably, holds a special place in our hearts. Our dedicated team of speech-language pathologists work tirelessly to overcome communication barriers affecting a child’s interaction with their surroundings. By tackling these challenges, we help children express themselves confidently and understand others effectively.

We pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal communication systems, understanding that every child is unique. Language development is a prime focus, aiding children to articulate their thoughts clearly and comprehend what is spoken to them. We also take an in-depth look at speech sound production, assisting kids to produce sounds and words accurately.

Oral motor development, too, is an essential part of our program. We work on enhancing the use of lips, tongue, and jaw muscles to aid speech and eating. Meanwhile, we don’t ignore the social aspect of communication. Our sessions incorporate learning social skills, thus fostering effective interaction with peers.

Our team also addresses executive functioning skills, helping children plan, organize, and execute tasks. With a special focus on conditions such as apraxia, motor planning issues, autism, and language disorders, our therapy is designed to cater to a variety of needs.

We at the Aspen Center are committed to guiding your child towards successful communication. With our unique speech therapy services, we pave the way for effective age-appropriate communication skills, ensuring a brighter, more confident future for your child. Learn more by browsing