August 3, 2017 in Holly Springs. For more information and registration click the link below!



New Social Skills Group


Our school is an inclusive school, meaning we accept, educate, and treat children of all abilities and backgrounds. This article provides reasoning for why Inclusive education is so important to children of all abilities.


During music and movement this month we’ve been playing with bells and wearing reindeer antlers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent the last day before Thanksgiving break taking turns to go play in the leaves with Ms. Lisa today! It was so much fun!

Below is a link for an article describing the first toy store to cater to children on the Autism spectrum and other disabilities/delays. It is owned by a therapist who chooses toys based on her experience with children. Her store encourages parents to bring kids in to “try out” the toys to see if they like them before they buy them. The store also holds some play based therapy. Check it out! I think we need one of these in Cary!

A Toy Store for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Thanksgiving Prep!

This week and next week we will be prepping our students for Thanksgiving! We have created our very own placemats to help us learn where our plates, cups, and silverware go and we get a chance to practice with it every day! For sensory this week we shucked corn and rolled it in yellow paint. Next week we will be having a Thanksgiving “meal” with typical Thanksgiving foods to introduce to our kiddos and help them prepare for the holiday. Check out these pics of our Thanksgiving prep!

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