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For 18 years in the triangle area, the Aspen Center has steadfastly supported countless families. Based in the heart of Cary, NC, our services range from speech and occupational therapies to our unique feeding therapy – designed for children from birth to adolescence.

Understanding the complexities of feeding challenges, Aspen’s Feeding Clinic offers therapy that’s tailor-made for each child. Our specialized feeding and swallowing therapists employ techniques that go beyond just the act of eating. We believe in establishing a harmonious relationship between a child and their nutrition.

However, feeding therapy often intertwines with speech. A child’s ability to eat comfortably can sometimes be linked to their oral motor development. While our speech therapists are adept at handling communication challenges, they also play a crucial role in feeding therapy. They help in honing the skills required to chew and swallow properly, ensuring that children can enjoy their meals safely and efficiently.

This holistic approach doesn’t just stop at oral motor skills. We dive deep into areas such as verbal and non-verbal communication systems, which can indirectly influence a child’s feeding experience. As children become more expressive and receptive, they can better convey their preferences, dislikes, or even discomforts related to food.

From diagnosing issues like apraxia and motor planning challenges to providing solutions for autism-related feeding challenges, our team at Aspen is equipped to handle a wide spectrum of needs.

At the Aspen Center, we don’t just teach children how to eat. We guide them towards a healthy relationship with food, combining speech and feeding therapy to provide a well-rounded approach. If you’re in Cary, NC, and are seeking dedicated care for your child, we’re here to serve. Contact us today for a consultation at: